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SEO Strategy for my Sales Consultancy website


Sales Development Consultant seeks an Expert-Level SEO Strategy and Plan of Action for her website and business launch!

I want to get in front of a lot of people who are researching sales development, business development and inside sales, and so we need traffic from these specific groups:

– Small business owners, sales leaders/execs and/or companies looking for advice/training or implementation of a sales/business development team, strategy and process
– SDRs, BDRs and Inside Sales Professionals looking for thought leadership, advanced training, advice on finding sales work remotely, interviewing tips and various outbound/inbound outreach techniques

You’ll help me figure out:

– What keywords I should be targeting
– If and how and when I should implement Local SEO on my site
– Plan to optimize my site on and off page (for speed, mobile, security and relevancy)
– Post Titles, Descriptions, Meta tags, link building and product images plan of action
– Social media presence (what channels to target? aka Pinterest and LinkedIn) and content strategy

I’ve looked at some keywords on Google Trends (please see attached) and that is my initial idea for targeting, but I need an expert, like yourself, to confirm.

If your services are too expensive, I will hire you to develop a clear strategy and action items list for my specific niche and maybe someone who’s more of a beginner or intermediate to implement it.

Also want to mention that I’m flexible on the pricing for this specific project.

Let me know you read the entire post – type “I can do this!” as the first 4 words in your cover letter.

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